2010 Motorcycle Club Partnership

2010 Partnership with Atlanta Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations

Mountain Motorsports wants to say THANK YOU to all of Atlanta’s motorcycle clubs, organizations, and members for all the business you have done with us over the last three years.  To show our appreciation, we would like to establish a new and exciting program that gives unique discounts and savings to Atlanta’s community of motorcycle club members on the purchases that mean the most to them.   These special savings will be for club members and club members only! 

1.    All registered club members will receive no haggle, upfront pricing on new motorcycles with discounts equal to engine displacement, with no freight, prep, or destination charges. For example, the savings on a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa is $1300.00 on the bike plus an additional $687 discount on destination charges for a total of $1987.00 in savings and a new M109r would save you $2487.00!


2.    All registered club members receive 3 free services with the purchase of 3 services at time of new bike delivery.


3.    Registered members receive a free MONEY BACK upgrade with the purchase of an extended service contract.


4.    The member’s club or organization will receive a check for $100.00 on each purchase made by a registered club member.  This check is made out to the club or organization directly and sent to the clubs designated official.


5.    When a registered club member who purchases a new or used on-road motorcycle refers another person who purchases a new or used on-road motorcycle, the referring member will receive a $150.00 Mountain Motorsports Gift Card and once again the referring members club receives a $100.00 check.


6.    All club members with proper identification will receive a 20% discount on parts and accessories. (Some oversize or non-standard items will not apply, and these cases are very limited and far between) 
7.   Automatic entry for all club members in any giveaways or drawings such as the bike giveaway at BIKELANTA 2010. (Club members will need to be present to win at events)  
To begin benefiting from these discounts, all the club has to do is register their members with us. 
To register, all you have to do is:
  1. Send us the official name and address of the club for the referral checks to be sent to,
  2. Send us a complete detailed list of all club members including name, address, phone number, and email.

Upon a club registering your members, we will then issue a unique key chain for each the member.  All club members MUST present this key chain at time of purchase to receive any of the benefits.  We will not be able to go back and issue a credit if someone does not have their key chain.  We will also cross-reference the member’s name with our list provided from the club to make sure that a non-member does not get any of your benefits.  We do ask that each club member issued a key chain use it specifically for their own use, and not for friends or non club members.

Register at